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Opening Hours
Indoor Pool
A 25M temperature controlled indoor pool with lane divider. Various programs are available: such as children's beginning and advanced swimming lessons and water aerobics. Also the site of many pool-related events and competitions.
Openning Hour:
Monday to Friday: 6:30am 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am 9:00pm

Outdoor Pool
Includes a baby wading area adjacent to an adult swimming pool with 1.4M at the deep end and a water slide and a water slide ?(the only one in city center!). This is a favorite spot for sunbathers from Spring through Autum.(Check with pool reception for extra dates)
Opening Hours:
11:00am C7:00pm
Tuesday to Friday
9:00am C7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
8:00am C7:00pm
Tel.: 64379800133/523

Swimming Lessons: click for schedule
To meet the demand of a great many of members, swimming classes taught by professional coaches could be available in various level for adult members and children.

Beginner Class(Children)
This is specially designed for beginners. During the 15 lesson courses, children will learn how to:
1. Hold their breath under water for 2040 seconds,
2. How to float on the water
3. Kick and stroke free style
4. Take deep breath and breathe free style
5. Swim 25 m free style

Advanced class(children)
This class is for children who have experience swimming. During the 15 lesson course, the instructors will aim at correcting and improving style ,increasing speed and ability .The instructors will cater to each student's specific needs.
Private Lessons
Private lessons may be arranged to accommodate your schedule and goals. This program offers flexible timing, step-by-step instruction, and 100% personal attention, providing you with the best possible training experience.

Introduction of swimming coaches in Ambassy Club
Our coaches have plenty of experiences in swimming-teaching. They can teach people at different ages kinds of swimming stances.
We provide one-to-one, one-to-two course or a small class ... Dont you want to show your skills in the pool and enjoy a close feeling with water? Swimming is a perfect survival skill, which also can help you keep in shape.
Our swimming coaches are all owning national swimming instructor certifications (a lifeguard certificate at the same time). All of our coaches are professional athletes with well experienced systemic training...
Call 021-64379800*281
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